What is Respite Care?

Whether you are a full-time professional carer, you care for a relative on an informal basis, or are in need of permanent care yourself, taking a break from your usual routine can be the solution that works for you.

As a carer you want to relax with peace of mind knowing that your relative, friend or client is in a safe, welcoming environment with 24-hour personalised care and support tailored to their needs is always available. As a voluntary carer you may have an entitlement to receive council funding for your carer break. Please call us for advice on how to receive this valuable assistance.

Carer Breaks

Did you know that as a full time carer you have a right to Carer Breaks? You have a right for the care of your loved one to be substantially funded (non-means tested) by Cornwall Council. Please call us and we will assist with your application for funding.

What we offer

We offer short-term respite care in our homes for people who are usually looked after by a relative or carer at home. Respite stays give home based carers the opportunity to take scheduled holidays or breaks throughout the year. We provide quick & easy check-in, full board, 24 hour personal care and 24 hour emergency assistance.

You can stay for just one night or several weeks. So whether your stay is for your carer to have a weekend off or a full holiday break, or for you to recuperate and get your strength back, you can relax in our safe hands.

An introduction to a Longer Stay

A short stay at Godolphin House care home can also give people the opportunity to experience a short break among friendly, welcoming staff and it's also a chance to meet with other people and make new friends as well. It is an opportunity to build a relationship between the individual, the carer, the home and staff, that can be beneficial should a more permanent stay at the home become necessary at some point in the future.

We are happy to arrange a trial stay to allow the individual to see if the home is the right choice for them as their new permanent home. We can offer just a one night break or a longer stay, and work closely with families and professionals to ensure continuity in approach and the provision of support.

If you would like to listen to our recent Radio advert for Respite Care, please use the player controls to listen to the audio file.

Need a holiday?, need respite care for a loved one?, book a free taster day

Would your loved one enjoy some pampering?, need respite care for a loved one?, book a free taster day

Please contact us if you would like to make a reservation for a loved one.

Tailored Care

We look after people who have varying care and social needs and, to meet these needs, we have well trained and qualified staff in all our homes. People's personal preferences are incorporated into care packages to ensure seamless continuity of care.

So come and stay for a few days or longer and enjoy our hospitality, let us care for you in our comfortable and pleasant surroundings.

Day Care

Come and visit us for the day. Have a relaxing bath, be pampered by our chiropodist and hair stylist and then have a 3 course lunch followed by afternoon entertainment, tea & Chef's home made cakes.