We know that it is so important for our residents to have their loved ones visit....

So we are happy to welcome visitors again and will endeavour to make every visit special

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our residents and team members remains our #1 priority as we continue to support and help our residents to receive visits from their loved ones.

Visitor Protocols

The Government has announced that from January 31st 2022, restrictions that were put in place to help prevent the spread of Omicron in adult social care are being eased. We will are making visiting more open, but cautiously, in order to maintain the safety of residents, staff and visitors.

Whilst the Government has lifted limits on the number of visitors allowed in to care homes, we believe we need to be more cautious and therefore visits will:

  • Continue to be pre-arranged.
  • Limited to the current three nominated visitors already on the system.
  • Only 1 of these nominated visitors at any one time.
  • A Lateral Flow Test must be completed prior to arrival and the test-strip confirming a negative result must be shown to staff upon arrival.
  • PPE and face masks provided by the home should be used.

Since May 2021, each of our resident's have been able to nominate up to three named visitors for regular indoor visits. The visitors can only visit individually, provided they have tested negative for COVID-19 and follow all other infection control measures that we have put in place.

Additionally, babies and toddlers will be allowed to accompany their parents during visits, enabling our residents to reunite and perhaps for the first time, see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Although the government now allows hugging they still advise that physical contact should be kept at a minimum, residents and visitors may hold hands but we discourage close physical contact such as hugging.

Being vaccinated is not a condition of visiting. Visitors must complete a Rapid Lateral Flow test prior to arrival and the test strip confirming a negative result shown to staff on arrival. Visitors must social distance from our team members and other residents, wear appropriate PPE, and hand sanitiser will be provided to encourage hand hygiene on arrival, departure and throughout the visit.

The nominated person should as far as possible remain the same and all visits must be arranged in advance, so that

  • Prior to a visit we can complete a dynamic risk assessments that consider the vulnerability, wellbeing and views of residents, visiting arrangements, testing arrangements and infection control.
  • A Covid-Safe space will be booked for the visit, which is subject to our enhanced cleaning regime.

Additionally we will document each visit including noting visitors contact details, so that we can comply with Track and Trace requirements if necessary

In addition to the 3 nominated visitors, we will continue to offer alternative types of visit depending on facilities, weather and resident/visitor preferences to include window, car or door visits. This enables residents to see additional loved ones to the person they nominate for indoor visits, such as family members and friends. Additionally we can assist our residents and provide devices to enable video calls. These also must be arranged in advance so that we are able to fully support the visit and endeavour to make all visits, whether indoors, outside or via video, as special as we can.